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Massachusetts has recently revised its drunk driving laws. We are intricately familiar with the law's provisions, and the loopholes of the statute. For example, although the laws described below seem incredibly difficult for you to get any consideration for your driver license on a hardship basis, our lawyers can get your license reinstated notwithstanding these tough statutory provisions. Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the National Driver Registry, and are able to get you out of the tough driver license suspension provisions contained in that national legislation as well.

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Prison Terms
License Suspension

The Law
Full text of Chapter 90: Section 24. Driving while under influence of intoxicating liquor

Legal Limit
If your Blood Alcohol content is 0.08 or above there is an inference of intoxication.
How much can you drink?

The Breathalyzer
Penalties for Refusing Test
Accuracy and the experts

Field Sobriety Tests
Types and what they measure

Arrested for OUI? Find a Lawyer.

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